10 Most common home buyer questions

Buying a home is a great achievement and a large financial undertaking. As such, most buyers have a lot of questions about the finances, process, and timing when it comes to figuring out the process. ...

Dec 28, 2018  0 Comments

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Your Guide to Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows Energy efficient windows are an effective way to significantly reduce your heating and electrical costs. The design of these windows ensures that they are completely air tight, so when they are closed, your climate control ...

Sep 14, 2018  0 Comments

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Savvy Tips to Save for a New Home

​How to ​Save for a New Home Home ownership is an accomplishment to be proud of, but it takes hard work to achieve. Saving for a new home is all about priorities. There are many great ways to save money for a ...

Jan 19, 2018  0 Comments

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Modern Holiday Decor

b44889e85f75429344c273683906798a Welcome back to part two of our holiday décor series.  This time we will explore Modern holiday decorating ideas to bring a chic twist to traditional holiday imagery. Add a modern twist to your holiday ...

Dec 12, 2015  0 Comments

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Tips for Buying a New Home

Photo courtesy of Jessicatierney.com Shopping for a new home can feel both exciting and hectic. On the one side, you get to customize your dream home but on the other hand, there’s so much to consider which can be ...

Feb 26, 2015  0 Comments

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Coordinating Colour Tips

Photo courtesy of Homedit.com Infusing colour into your living space can be a tricky thing, especially when you have multiple colours competing for attention. Many new home owners enjoy livening up their living spaces by pairing furnishings with accessories ...

Feb 20, 2015  0 Comments

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Unexpected Outdoor Touches

Photo courtesy of Popsugar.com Prepping your new home for winter entertaining this year means something different to everyone. When it comes to your home’s interior, tastes vary greatly among home owners and luckily accessories are readily available in a huge ...

Jan 17, 2015  0 Comments

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Wrapping Paper Storage

Photo courtesy of Decorology.blogspot.com Now with Christmas behind us, many new home owners are now busy with post- party cleanup and getting set of the New Year. Whether you’ve got cleanup from holiday parties or just empty boxes and ...

Jan 7, 2015  0 Comments

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DIY Headboards

Photo courtesy of Cuttingedgestencils.com Having a luxurious master ensuite with a grand master bath and walk-in closets may have been a deciding factor when you purchased your new home; that’s why decorating your bedroom suite might be a big ...

Dec 14, 2014  0 Comments

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A little bit of Zen

images Finding time to relax and unwind helps keep your stress levels in check. You may not have the room in your new home for a dedicated meditation or yoga room, but incorporating Zen elements throughout your ...

Dec 7, 2014  0 Comments

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What’s next for Sharon, ON?

img_5953 Photo courtesy of Onekindesign.com Learning about Sharon Village and all the things East Gwillimbury has to offer is getting Greg and Emily really excited about the prospect of moving here. Greg is starting to get nostalgic ...

Nov 24, 2014  0 Comments

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Statement Pieces 101

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com We’ve heard a lot about statement pieces in fashion but they’re also important elements in home décor. Most new home owners enjoy purchasing furnishings that have longevity, both in quality and style. Purchasing ultra-modern pieces ...

Nov 15, 2014  0 Comments

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School Lunch Ideas

MV6827 With the kids back to school, this is a great opportunity to begin a more healthy diet for all members of your new home. Packing healthy lunchboxes that the kids will eat can be challenging ...

Oct 5, 2014  2 Comments

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Back-to-School Prep Tips

feature Saying good-bye to the lazy days of summer may not have been your top priority but last week’s return to school was the reality check for many new home owners. Back to school is one ...

Sep 7, 2014  0 Comments

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Home Office Makeovers

feature Having a functional work space is an important consideration for many new home owners, especially this time of year with kids going back to school. With telecommuting on the rise, companies offering flex work schedules ...

Sep 3, 2014  1 Comment

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Gazebo Style Ideas

Photo courtesy of Top-interior-designs.com Gazebos have become a backyard staple for many new home owners due to their versatility, beauty, and sun protection.  These days, homeowners have countless options in materials, price range and looks. Setting the right mood ...

Aug 29, 2014  0 Comments

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Outdoor Art DIYs

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com Spending time outdoors this summer in your new home can be one of the best parts of summer. But creating a beautiful atmosphere in your backyard doesn’t have to be costly. Many homeowners think that ...

Aug 9, 2014  0 Comments

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Considering a Hammock?

Photo courtesy of Digsdigs.com Hammocks seem to be a quintessential signal of summer and are adored throughout the world for being a guiltless relaxation tool. Despite their lack of arch support (in most models anyways) many people both young ...

Aug 6, 2014  0 Comments

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Backyard Lighting Ideas

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com Enjoying summer time in your new home is always fun when you’re outdoors. Backyard lighting is key to utilizing this valuable space during non-daylight hours. Whether you’re experiencing crisp summer nights or warm sticky ones, ...

Jul 30, 2014  1 Comment

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Landscape Lighting Tips

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com Illuminating the exterior of your new home isn’t only an aesthetic concern; it’s a safety priority which allows comfortable and clear comings and goings without the risk of walking into obstacles or hazards. From spotlighting ...

Jul 26, 2014  1 Comment

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Building Around Trees

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com For many new home owners, the pride and joy of owning your home and the land it sits on is a big deal. Many love their trees while others may cringe at the design limitations ...

Jul 12, 2014  0 Comments

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BBQ Leftover Ideas

Photo courtesy of Savorysimple.net With summer patio season in full swing, you’ve probably fired up the bbq several times this month. In some cases, this past Father’s Day may have been the first of many bbq gatherings you’re hosting ...

Jun 27, 2014  0 Comments

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Spring Gardening Tips

Photo courtesy of Hahealthnews.com You may have found yourself driving one morning and suddenly noticing all the trees have filled in with bright green foliage – this is the sure sign that spring has arrived in full bloom.  Your ...

Jun 6, 2014  0 Comments

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Introducing IM Design

ivanka Designing a housing community stems from the distinct style and design of each individual home which is why Mosaik Homes takes much care and pride in the interior design process. Working with talented designers like ...

May 23, 2014  0 Comments

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Spring Home Trends

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com Spring means colour. Turquoise, lime green, yellow and orange are great choices this season. But that does not mean you have to redecorate your entire house or condo with colour from top to bottom. Keeping ...

Apr 4, 2014  0 Comments

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Spring Cleaning Tips

feature With the official start of spring now less than one week away on March 20th, the end of this long and bitterly cold GTA winter is approaching a welcoming reality. Those in new houses or ...

Mar 14, 2014  0 Comments

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Stain Removal Tips

Feature Image Whether you live in a new house or new condo, pesky stains around your home can be a major source of frustration. Being proactive can be a good thing, but most people like buying a ...

Feb 21, 2014  1 Comment

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Tropical Home Décor Trend

Photo courtesy of Stepinit.com Summer floral patterns are no longer relegated to kitschy Hawaiian shirts and have quickly become a warm weather fashion staple. This tropical wave has also moved into home décor territory with tropical prints beginning to ...

Feb 20, 2014  0 Comments

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Home Gym Essentials

Photo courtesy of Fitnessmagazine.com Like so many of us making New Year’s resolutions, it’s likely that getting in shape may have likely been at the top of your list. Committing to a healthier lifestyle including a fitness regime can ...

Feb 4, 2014  0 Comments

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