10 Clever Organizing and Storage Tips for Your Entire Home

The seasons are changing and with that change comes an exciting opportunity to redo and renew your home for the better. These 10 Clever Organizing and Storage Tips for Your entire home are sure to spark interest and action. After all, the storage you need is in your home already. Be creative and maximize space by following these easy tips and techniques.

Discard/Repair First
Organizing and Storage Tips

  1. Fix It or Be Done With It

Chances are there are many items around your home waiting to be repaired–but they’ve been broken for years. Give yourself a deadline to make the repair and if pass the deadline, it’s time to recycle or dispose of.

  1. Check Expiry Dates

Did you know makeup expires? Even your hairspray. Along with other household items like cleaning products, body products, and food items. Discard or recycle items that no longer work at full capacity to free up extra space.

  1. If You Don’t Wear It Let It Go

We bet 60% of your wardrobe you never wear. Either it doesn’t fit properly, makes you feel self-conscious or just isn’t “you”. Donate or reclaim items you don’t use. Save your space for favourite pieces.

  1. Be Honest With Yourself

We all have the “I’ll get around to it” pile. A place where the hobbies we tell ourselves we’ll make space for when the time is right. Days, months, years go by and they collect dust and guilt every time they cross your mind. These can be loved by someone else and they deserve to. Spread the joy!

  1. Buy Less, Buy Smarter

Be proactive. You’ve done all the work. Your home is clear of broken or unused items. And there’s so much space! But you need to buy something else now. Sometimes investing more money or time to find quality items in the short term makes them less likely to end up in the “toss it” pile next time you reorganize.

Organize SecondOrganizing and Storage Tips

  1. Fold Clothes Like Sushi

This Japanese technique by organizing consultant, Marie Kondo and author of New York Time’s Best Seller “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” says fold clothes into a square and then roll like sushi. This technique helps clothes stay organized, wrinkle-free and saves space.  

  1.  Curtain Rods Everywhere

Rods are underused and they’re an organizational dream. Hang wires, cleaning products, even tools from rods in your closets and under the sink for easy access. S-hooks can be used to help hang items without hooks.

  1. Vertical Storage. Try it.

Walls aren’t the only way to stack, hang, or go vertical. Use unused small spaces to store vertically too. Hang your pots, use small slivers of space to stack pans, even use a peg board to hang supplies. Get organized and innovative with your storage. Vertical storage offers ergonomic and smart options to save space so you can stay organized.

  1. Use All Your Space

Free up closet space of bulky items. Above doors is prime real estate for storing everyday extras, like toilet paper, guest towels or books.

  1. Compartmentalize with Boxes

They’re a classic and geometrical marvel. There’s a reason our homes are based on them. People have been using boxes to organize their homes for generations. So naturally, they’re excellent for saving space. Easy to stack and categorize. You can’t go wrong.

With these clever organizing tips from Mosaik Homes you’ll get to spend more time enjoying your beautiful home than tidying it up.