4 Ways to Design a Room to Grow with Your Child!


Kids grow fast – part of the fun is the phases they go through, the way their interests change, and how they want to express their own changing styles. Updating your child’s room doesn’t have to be costly, and, it’s easy and fun to make their space a reflection of who they are at whatever age.

Wall decals that grow with them

1- Decal Walls

Wall decals first became popular a few years back, which means that by now there are hundreds of great options available. These large, removable, (generally) vinyl wall-stickers are a great way to add low-commitment high style – simply peel off and discard (or save the reusable type for future décor hand-me-downs). You can find a limited range of wall decals at many mass-retailers or a wider selection online at sites like.


Chalkboard Walls

2- Chalkboard Paint

If your child is a budding artist, or just can’t seem to stay keen on anything for more than five minutes, they’ll love chalkboard paint. You can buy regular chalkboard paint from any paint or home improvement retailer, but those options usually come in black and black alone. To get your exact shade of chalkboard paint, simply mix 2 tablespoons of unsanded tile grout with every cup of whatever shade of paint you want – this will work better with matte paint than glossy. Stir, apply, and sand lightly when finished!

Closet workspace with chalkboard wall

3- Work-space

As space in your child’s room becomes less about play and more about studying, the addition of a desk or table can often leave a room cluttered. Instead, add a wardrobe and convert the closet area into a workspace. Add a desk, floating shelves, and an outlet (use an extension cord) and they’ll have all the space they need to bring home straight As. You can use a curtain or covering to hide the space, or leave it open to increase the size of their room and remind them to do their homework.



4-The Growing Bookshelf

A basic bookshelf can be one of the easiest and most inexpensive investment pieces to customize. Paint the inner walls of the bookshelf for an inexpensive and easy-to-swap pop of color – much easier than an accent wall. Then, display photos, treasures and their ever-growing library for a focal point that’s a reflection of them.