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Built-In Storage Ideas

Nothing puts your square footage to better use than a built-in creation. Whether it’s a desk built into a seldom-used closet or a bookcase tucked in a niche beside a fireplace, these projects help maximize every available inch you have. Follow our list of Built-In Storage Ideas to create functional spaces out of the ‘dead zones’ in your rooms, and add new storage options without adding on to your house.

1)  Murphy Bed

Built-In Storage Ideas

Murphy beds are a great idea to help create a multi-functional space in your house. These “wall beds” fold up to allow the space to be open during the day and provide a ready-to-go sleeping option for when guests stay over. Having a spot that works as both your office/ creative space as well as a guest bedroom makes great use of space that normally goes unused and thus becomes wasteful. As a plus, you can build shelving around the bed to create even more storage options in the room!

2) Under-stair Space

Built-In Storage Ideas

Chances are you’re not putting the space under your stairs to very good use. This spot can often be forgotten or written off as something that already serves its one purpose. However, you can make this neglected area a stylish focal point where you can store supplies, books, and decorations. As a tip, if these shelves will end up looking too cluttered or unsightly with everything stored in them, you can opt for built in cabinets with doors instead of open shelving to keep everything flush.

3)  Desk Alcove

Built-In Storage Ideas

Although recessed built-ins require more planning and construction than ones that attach directly to the wall, they are the best choice for conserving floor space. If you have alcoves within your home it certainly means a lot less work but do not be dismayed if your home doesn’t have any spaces like this. You can retrofit an existing bedroom for a built-in desk by taking over an unused closet or stealing space from an adjoining room. Be sure to save desk space by building in lighting with recessed cans or pucks, including power outlets, and having data line connections nearby.

4) Built-in shelves

Built-In Storage Ideas

Like the under-stair bookshelves, these projects are a clever way to squeeze a little extra storage out of a small space. Make the most out of a hallway with some built-in shelving or create one that fits around a doorway, giving the space a little extra presence. If you have a little niche that’s going unused turn that space into a library because you can never have enough shelves! As a visual  tip, try creating a graduated bookshelf system where the size of the shelves subtly increases so small, light books snugly fill the top, while the largest, heaviest ones have lots of room at the bottom.

5) Under-Window Cabinet

Built-In Storage Ideas

A long, low console or bookshelf under a window is a great way to make the most of a space. The area below a window presents an excellent opportunity for creative built-ins. Positioned directly under the sill, these can add a visual heft to small windows and provide ample space for extra materials or large office equipment you would like to keep out of sight. Make sure to remove existing baseboards and crown molding before you install a built-in for a snug fit and extend new matching molding around the built-in to create a truly integrated look.

With these projects you can make the most of the space you have without having to spend a fortune! We hope Mosaik Home’s 5 Built-In Storage Ideas For Your Work/ Creative Space will help bring a sense of order and distinction to your rooms.

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