5 Impressive Innovations in Sustainable Home Construction

sustainable construction

It’s no surprise that homeowners are becoming more environmentally-focused these days. People are looking to minimize their environmental impact while, at the same time, keeping their financial commitment low. With this in mind, the construction industry has been making big changes toward true sustainability. Here are 5 impressive innovations in sustainable home construction we think you should keep an eye on!   

Self-Healing Concrete

sustainable construction

Millions of dollars are invested in maintaining, fixing and restoring roads, buildings, tunnels and bridges annually. This is because all concrete eventually cracks and needs to be restored. It’s from this problem that the innovation of self-healing concrete has come. The science behind this incredible invention comes about when water enters a crack in the surface. When this happens, the bacteria that was injected in during the mixing process reactivates. When activated, the bacteria produce calcite which then heals the crack! Imagine this concrete used in the home; it would add years to a building’s life and be an enormous help both timewise and financially.  

Transparent Aluminiumsustainable construction

Transparent aluminum is a new innovation that is almost as strong as steel but looks like glass! Created through the use of laser technology, this new material could soon replace glass, which is about four times weaker and shatters easily. Transparent aluminum is fairly new to the construction industry but the significance of this innovation is incredible.

Aerogel Insulationsustainable construction

You may have already heard of aerogel insulation before under the name ‘frozen smoke’. The finished product is produced by removing the liquid from a gel, leaving behind the silica structure which is about 90% air. Almost weightless, aerogel holds its shape and can be used to create thin sheets of ‘aerogel fabric’. Due to its incredible insulation properties, aerogel insulation makes it extremely difficult for heat or cold to pass through and has up to four times the power of fibreglass or foam insulation!

Smart Brickssustainable construction

Smart bricks are modular connecting bricks made out of high strength concrete. These Lego-like bricks are versatile and come with incredible thermal energy control and greatly reduced construction costs. Since they are modularly designed, these sustainable bricks are easy to connect and come with space for insulation, electricity, and plumbing.

3D Printed Housessustainable construction

3D printed houses are an impressive glimpse into the future of construction. Despite the fact that this is an innovation that is still being tested, it was recently proven that walls of concrete can be 3D-printed in a relatively short space of time! The ‘printer’ looks like a small-scale crane and sets layers of concrete mixture on top of each other to build the structures. These pieces would be printed off-site and then brought together at the site and erected there in no time. Aside from the time and waste saved with these printed buildings, they also provide a great sustainable solution for quickly covering the housing needs of people who are economically disadvantaged or have been affected by physical disasters.


There’s much more to green building than adding some solar panels to the roof and calling it a day. Sustainability is made up of many parts: from building materials, to renewable energy sources, to design that strives for efficiency and harmony with the environment. These impressive innovations are changing the way the construction industry moves forward and we’re excited to see everything that’s coming about! Be sure to follow Mosaik Homes’ blog series for more information about the future of the housing industry.