5 Tips to Help Finish Family Household Chores Faster

Finish Family Household Chores

Chores are a part of life that we all have to deal with. They can take a long time, and – once you finish – it always seems like there’s more! However, with some quick little changes, you’ll find that you can finish your family household chores faster and maybe have some fun while doing them.  

Simplify The Cooking Process

finish family household chores

Not only are simple foods generally healthier, but they also mean a lot less cleanup afterwards! Since you’re not using nearly as many pots and pans for these meals, you’ll find clean up afterwards a breeze. Use the same pan to sautée your shrimp and veggies. You’ll find the flavour mix incredible and you get away with using only the one pan. Microwaveable side-dishes like rice pouches are also a great way to keep any scrubbing to a minimum.

Creating Less Laundry

finish household chores faster

Now, this is a topic that can put some people on edge, but we’re not saying bad hygiene is the way to go. We’re saying that thinking about laundry in very practical terms can save you a ton of time! Really, it’s all about being smart, not smelly. Towels can be reused, jeans and pyjamas can be re-worn, and your kids can wear sandals in the summer to avoid all those socks.


One of the main reasons that you may find it difficult to keep household chores quick is because you have too much stuff! Clutter not only makes it difficult to find what you need, but it can also make your space look messy. We highly recommend setting aside a day once a month to declutter your home so that you can have more space to breath, and less stuff to clean. Make three separate piles of things to donate, to throw away, and to keep. This will have the benefit of pairing down your day to day cleaning, while giving you back lost space, and will help you to keep track of clothing that may no longer fit so you know what you need to buy, in advance!

Make it a Game

finish family household chores

Who says chores have to be so tedious and boring? If you work to turn the process into a game, not only will you distract yourself, you’ll also encourage others to play along! Both of which will dramatically make your household chores go faster. Try emptying the dishwasher as quickly (and safely!) as possible, or face off with your partner to clear the counter before they wipe down the table! We also highly recommend creating a check off list for your kids’ chores; they’ll love to see their accomplishments getting marked off and you get to instill the idea of cleaning up after yourself early on. If you’d like, you could offer a small reward for anyone that completes their list.  

Don’t Save Chores For The Weekend

finish family household chores

Now you may be sitting there thinking “Are you nuts? When else am I supposed to do them?” but trust us; if you cut chores out of the weekend, you’ll find yourself saving time in so many ways. Chores have a habit of expanding to fill the available time you have, so if you force yourself to seize those small moments of 15 minutes a day, you’ll keep yourself from spending all Saturday scrubbing. This also makes sure that you focus on what needs to happen so that you get the important chores done first without wasting time on little make-work projects!

Chores don’t always have to be such a pain: taking up your entire weekend and getting everyone in a mood. By making small routine changes, chipping away at tasks throughout the week, and by getting everyone involved you’ll find household chores are being done before you can even think about it! For more tips and tricks for your home be sure to follow Marina Homes’ blog series.