7 Things To Check in Your Home Before Leaving for the Holidays

Things to Check Before Leaving for the Holidays

You’ve got your holiday plans sorted and your shopping all done-but before you pack up the car don’t forget to make your home to do-list before leaving, and check it twice! Whether you are going for a few days or a few weeks, Mosaik Homes offers you a list of everything that you need to check in your home before leaving for the holidays.

Disable Appliances

 Things to Check Before Leaving for the Holidays

Some energy drains are obvious: lamps, toasters, coffee pots and hair dryers. Computers, televisions, entertainment centers and other electronics with remote controls, digital displays or instant “on” features draw power even when they are switched “off.”Don’t forget the stove, washing machine and clothes dryer. This not only save energy but is smart for safety reasons. If you don’t want it to turn on when you’re gone, unplug it.

Clean Refrigerator & Take out Garbage

Things to Check Before Leaving for the Holidays

A refrigerator and a coffee maker filled with grinds can be nightmares to come home to if they’ve been left full of stuff to rot and get smelly while you’re away. Empty your coffee maker and give it a quick rinse. Give any food that might spoil while you are away to a friend or to your local food pantry. Wash up any refrigerator spills or food messes that have been left, and give a good wipe down to shelving.  

Plan for your Plants

 Things to Check Before Leaving for the Holidays

If you and your family are expecting to be away for a long time, arrange to have your plants watered by a friend or neighbour periodically. Give all your green lovelies a nice long drink before you go, and move them to the optimal spot in your home where the best light is and a spot where they won’t get cold drafts. Setting up a self-watering system is another way to keep your greenery happy and healthy until you return.

Consider Lighting

Things to Check Before Leaving for the Holidays

While you may be tempted to save energy by turning off lights completely, lighting can create the illusion of presence when away. Burglars prefer to target empty homes, so make it look like your home is occupied by maintaining the same lighting routine as normal. Setting lights to turn on and off multiple times a day across a 7 day week helps reinforce the idea you’re still there.

Turn off Water Supplies

Things to Check Before Leaving for the Holidays

Consider turning off all the water, but at least turn off the water supply to your to washing machines, dishwashers, ice-makers and toilets. You can add 1/2 cup of chlorine to the toilet bowl to prevent the ring that sometimes forms from standing water. Before heading out the door, make sure that no faucet is dripping. Drips over the course of a few weeks are incredibly wasteful, especially in areas where water is scarce. Not to mention if could add a few unnecessary extra dollars to your water bill.

Set Thermostat to Ideal Temperature

Things to Check Before Leaving for the Holidays

While it’s tempting to turn your heat right off, winter temperatures in Canada are certainly low enough to risk frozen pipes and/or mildew issues when the in-house temperature gets too low. You can set thermostat temperature lower than normal to reduce costs of heating while on holidays. A setting of around 50 degrees is sufficient to keep the pipes from bursting, while not racking up your heating bill.

Lock Doors & Secure Valuables

Things to Check Before Leaving for the Holidays

Make a quick sketch of your floor plan and all the things that need locking, and make check marks as you walk around the house. Do a run through of your home and ensure every door and window is locked. If you can lock gates to your home as well, secure these too. You can keep the floor plan sheet with you as you get on the road in case you get any of those “did I lock that?” feelings. Lock any valuable jewelry in a safe, and ensure there are no desirable objects in view of windows.

When the holidays hit, there are boundless things to do, from finishing holiday gift shopping to trying to remember to pack everything you need. But before you leave for the holidays, make sure you cross each one of these tasks off your to-do list!


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