Our Favourite Design Trends to Follow for 2019


Design Trends to Follow in 2019

Taking our first steps into 2019, we can already see design trends are shaping up to be bold yet approachable in the new year. The warmer take on tried-and-true colours work extremely well with the push we’re seeing for natural materials and finishes in the home. If you’re planning a DIY room makeover or doing a major design overhaul we suggest looking at these elements now because there’s a good chance they’ll explode in popularity soon!


Softer Whites

Design Trends to Follow for 2019


White has always been a good choice to help neutralize a room and allow you to explore vibrant décor schemes. However, lately interior decorators are straying away from the colder whites of the past few years in favour of softer whites that warm up modern spaces. The most popular colour we’ve been seeing crop up is Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace, a very pure white with no grey sub hues in it, which gives a very luminous feel to any room it’s used in.


Wood Finishes

Design Trends to Follow for 2019

As you may have noticed recently, people are looking for connections from nature when designing their space. The flexibility and beauty of wood really helps to establish a welcoming and calming environment right as you step into any room. It is a wonderful material to incorporate into your home if you’re striving for lighter, airier spaces. It has also seen a big jump in use within kitchen spaces, as homeowners try to stray away from a laboratory feel, in favour of treating the space more like a library, with warm wood and comfort in mind.


Kitchen Cabinetry

Design Trends to Follow in 2019


Speaking of kitchens; many interior designers are beginning to incorporate coloured cabinets in these spaces, moving away from the all-white cabinetry we’ve seen in the past. Try making a statement and creating a mood with cabinetry in black or colours like grey-washed blues and greens! Pairing these colours with fixtures and hardware of brass or other contrasting metals will really make your kitchen stand out. You’ll find that pewter and gunmetal hardware is not as harsh as matte blacks or as specific as gold; giving the fixtures some unexpected texture and depth.


Open Shelving

Design Trends to Follow in 2019


If you’re still on the fence about coloured shelving throughout your kitchen, but still want to make a bold statement in your home, there is a trend you should take a look at. Inspired by hotel and retail spaces, some designers have been replacing upper cabinets in the kitchen with metal, wood, or glass shelving! This runs in direct opposition of the popular minimalist design strategies we’ve seen in the past and shows that homeowners are looking to make an impression.


Tile Mimics

Design Trends to Follow in 2019


Faux stone or large format scale tile is soon going to be replacing natural materials like concrete or Italian white marble in the home. With emerging technologies and improvements in printing and material quality, we’re seeing the creation of new porcelain tile that surpasses expectations! This tile looks identical to the real, natural materials but is much easier to install and is less expensive. In the coming year, we expect you’ll be seeing these tile mimics showing up a lot.

So there you have it! It looks like 2019 design trends are not only going for a slightly warmer, more inviting look, using inviting natural woods and comforting whites, but are also striving to make your space a statement of who you are with bold colours and brass metallic hardware. Be sure to follow Mosaik Homes’ blog series for more tips and tricks as well as information about new developments!

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