Get Your Garden Ready for the Season!

Get Your Garden Ready for the Season

All that spring rain will soon pay us back with flourishing flowers and blooming tree buds. In the meantime, get your garden ready for the summer months ahead. Green grass, gorgeous flowers, and maybe even a great vegetable garden is yours with a little touch of spring prep.

Mosaik Homes has compiled this list of what to do to get your garden ready for the season!

Aerate for a Lush Lawn

Get Your Garden Ready for the Season

Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more lush and lovely lawn. Allowing your grass to breathe easier and drink in water more deeply will lead to a healthier lawn long term. Aeration works best when your soil is moist. Wait until the day after a heavy rain or soak your yard with the sprinkler before getting started on your aeration project. Use spike aerators to make holes by driving metal tines into the soil, or core aerators which you can rent from your local hardware store or garden centre. A core aerator will work faster because it removes “plugs” of soil every 10 centimetres or so, and deposits them on the lawn. Plan out your aeration path the same as you would when mowing, covering your lawn lengthwise and across. If any plugs are left behind when you’re finished they will break up on their own within a few weeks. Reseed, fertilize and water your lawn thoroughly once you’re done, and you’ll soon have a thick carpet of healthy green grass!

De-weed & Fortify your Flower Beds

Get Your Garden Ready for the Season

Spring is the time when the seedlings of weedy plants are starting to grow and invade your flower beds. Remove as many as you can before they become established. Rake up any dead leaves and other debris left over from the winter, to set a clean bed for the spring. Cover your flower beds with a layer of mulch to keep weeds from returning. Mulch will retain moisture and keep your soil cool during the upcoming summer heat. Whether you select compost, wood chips, or another kind of mulch, this is not the area to skimp! Spread a layer of five to seven centimetres thick around your garden’s plants, shrubs and trees.

Plan for Your plants

Get Your Garden Ready for the Season

Now is the time to think about what elegant collection of colourful flowers should go where, and get them in the ground. When organizing your flower beds, it’s best to arrange plants by height, with the shorter varieties at the front, medium-sized ones in the middle and taller ones at the back. For circular beds place taller plants in the centre and surround them with shorter ones. Instead of lining plants up in rigid rows, allow some flow to your flowers by staggering different plants. Add in more colour to a garden with a piece of sculpture or garden decor such as a watering can or outdoor vase for an appealing focal point.

Practice Proper Pruning

Get Your Garden Ready for the Season

Tidy up trees and shrubs by pruning off dead and damaged branches. Improve the overall shape of plants by trimming back weaker shoots or wayward growth. This will also increase the health of your greenery. Pruning lets more light penetrate the middle of the plant, causing the central growth areas stronger. Remember that timing is important when pruning flowering plants, so ensure you know what you’re cutting! Plants that flower in spring shouldn’t be cut back until after they’ve bloomed. Those plants that flower in summer are best pruned in late winter or earlier in the spring while mostly dormant. If you’re not sure what variety of plant you’re working with, wait until the plant has flowers before pruning.

With summer slowly but surely coming into view, Mosaik Homes hopes these tips ready you and your garden for the sun-filled days ahead!