Innovative Ideas For Decorating A Guest Bedroom

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room you can welcome guests into, why not have some fun? Decorating a guest bedroom is the perfect opportunity for a departure from—or enhancement of—your usual style. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve put together a few ideas to get you started!

Spa Vibes

decorating a guest bedroom

Create a truly relaxing space for your next overnight guest by utilizing a colour palette of cool neutrals and soft, warm tones. Keep things clean, light, airy, and minimal to promote that feeling of calm and order. You’ll note there’s little visual clutter here—the eye just floats around the room. Decorating a guest bedroom with a zen vibe in mind, similar to what you might find at a spa, can help your visitors decompress and unwind during their stay.

Hotel Chic

decorating a guest bedroom

Who doesn’t love a stay in a luxury hotel? You can provide that same sense of abundance in your own home simply by including some thoughtful touches. When you’re decorating a guest bedroom and aiming for a hotel feel, add in a few plush, indulgent fabrics and be sure to include some of the conveniences provided in a typical suite. This can include layered, luxurious bedding, extra linens, an ottoman that can double as a luggage rack, fresh cut flowers, even a basketful of comforts that holds towels, slippers, toiletries, etc.


decorating a guest bedroom

Encourage any book lovers who may come to stay by designing a small reading nook in the corner of your guest bedroom. All you need is a nice comfy chair, a table nearby where you can rest a cup of coffee, and some good lighting (a reading lamp is ideal but a chair situated next to a big, sunny window works well too!). Add in an ottoman or a small footstool if you have the room, maybe a lap blanket for cosiness. Include a basket that contains a couple of your favourite books or magazines and you’ve created the perfect spot.

Gallery Feel

decorating a guest bedroom

When decorating a guest bedroom you can go completely outside the box and amp up the drama. Striking wall art in the form of a mural, a gallery wall, oversized artwork, or graphic wallpaper are all great ways to give this space a little added flair. Touches like these can create a more dynamic, urban feel and help capture the essence of staying downtown, right in the middle of all the action!


decorating a guest bedroom

A travel theme is easy to accomplish and can be done subtly. The look here is eclectic, a bit boho, but kept cohesive thanks to the relatively uniform colour palette. To decorate a guest bedroom with a globetrotting vibe you need look no further than some of your own collected treasures! Frame your favourite prints from destinations you’ve visited (or hope to), dress your guest bed with soft linens, and display a memento or two that you’ve picked up on your travels.

A guest bedroom is a great opportunity to have some fun in your space and branch out a little; why not try out a style you’re drawn to that’s a tiny bit different? Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Mosaik Homes blog for more great home decor tips!