Lawn Care Tips to Wow the Neighbourhood this Summer


Hot, dry days are upon us; and as you look around the neighbourhood, you may notice lawns seem to bake in the heat! However, you can help keep your lawn as green as can be during the summer with a few simple tricks. Here are our tips to wow the neighbourhood with your beautiful lawn this year!

Feed Regularlylawn care tips

 During the summer, your lawn gets hungry! In fact, within 6-8 weeks of feeding, microbes in the soil will have processed most of the nutrients for your lawn to absorb. You need to be sure to replenish these with another feeding after this period. A well-fed lawn grows in thick, crowding out weeds and cooling the soil, which helps it handle the heat! However, if your lawn has gone dormant (turning to brown in order to conserve water and nutrients), you’ll want to hold off on feeding until rain revives it.

Mow HighLawn Care tips

 When mowing your lawn, set your cutting length to one of the highest settings. Longer grass allows the growth of longer roots, which can reach down for moisture even on hot, dry days. If you cut your grass short, you aren’t encouraging this root growth. You’ll be surprised what a difference this step can make!

Clippings and Weedslawn care tips

 Now that you’ve just mowed the lawn, be sure to leave the grass clippings out. Leaving these out will allow them to break down and help you to feed your lawn. Also, as you’re mowing, keep a lookout for any weeds you see around the lawn. These plants steal nutrients from the grass and can grow quite big, choking out the sun. Spot-treat any that appear, killing the weeds without harming the grass.

Wateringlawn care tips

If your grass has been cut short all season, you’re going to have to water more frequently (because those roots don’t go down far enough). However, even longer grass needs moisture! If you choose to water during a dry spell, be sure to water deeply and infrequently. Frequent, shallow watering will encourage grass to grow short roots, causing it to stress out during droughts. An inch of water a week is usually a good rule of thumb for keeping your lawn green during the hot summer. As a tip, be sure to water as early as possible in the morning – between 6 AM and 10 AM – to help reduce evaporation.

 Summer is the time to be outdoors, so it’s important to keep your lawn green and gorgeous. By following these 4 simple tricks you can give your lawn everything it needs to look great despite the heat! For anything from lawn care to housing tips, be sure to follow Mosaik Homes’ blog series.