Simple Ways to Increase Resale Value on Your Home

increase resale value

Real estate tends to be seen as a long-term investment but it turns out that the average homeowner in North America usually sells and moves every five to seven years. That means there are a few of you readers out there that have been looking into the housing market lately! If you’re making your first steps toward selling, we’ve got a few simple ways you can increase the resale value on your home.

Curb Appeal

increase resale value

It’s said that you only get one chance to make a first impression, so whether it’s an appraiser or a buyer who is looking at your home, you’ll want that first impression to count! The best way to start is by washing your exteriors and windows; all the while, looking at the paint job of the house. If you think it’s necessary, be sure to give the exterior a fresh coat of paint, because a freshly painted house looks like a well-maintained house.

When you’re done, step back and look at the yard. New buyers will instantly notice how good your lawn looks and, if you invest in a sprinkler system, they will also pay close attention to the time-saving tools that cut down the work involved in upkeep. As a quick tip, if you have space we highly recommend planting trees outside of your home to increase the value. They have a number of environmental benefits as well as reduce noise, increase privacy, and help with storm drainage. Just be sure not to plant under any power lines!

Finished Basement

increase resale value

A finished basement is a big selling point for your home; however, most people shy away because of the cost or time commitment. Luckily, there are some simple ways to give your basement that ‘finished look’ without breaking the bank or your back! Exposed ducts and pipes can make a cellar look unfinished, but ceiling installations are fairly expensive. If you find yourself in this boat, the easiest DIY option is to paint your ceiling. A fresh coat of paint can help pipes and ductwork blend in so that they’re less noticeable. Next, look into installing drywall; you don’t have to be a pro to set it up and it can make all the difference when painted! Another great addition is new flooring for your basement. They make the whole space look homier and materials like press-on vinyl tiles or laminate flooring are inexpensive and simple to install. Alternatively, you can ask your builder if they offer a finished basement as a standard or upgrade. You’ll find that whatever work you put into this space will be well worth the effort.

Kitchen Upgrades

increase resale value

There’s no doubt about it, one of the first things to make or break a sale for the buyer is the kitchen. People want to get excited about everything they’re going to be able to do in their new space and don’t want to worry about the work it will take to get them there. If you put in the extra effort here, you’ll see a very positive response. First things first: look into replacing your countertop if it’s dated. Many buyers see this as a huge inconvenience for them to have to replace. Lucky for you, this job is less expensive than you may think! You can get a new laminate surface for a few hundred dollars and, if you definitely want a stone look, you might be surprised by nicer laminate options. Next is the backsplash: an easy-to-tackle area that won’t break the bank. Even if you’re spending $5 a square foot, you’re looking at a couple of hundred dollars in tiles. Once you’ve tackled these areas, look into painting your cabinets and getting new handles and pulls to really bring the space together.


increase resale value

If you’ve been looking through home design catalogues for the past couple years you’ll find it’s no surprise that buyers increasingly prefer hardwood flooring to carpet. In fact, there are some estimates that the installation of hardwood floors and/or tile can have a return of 5-6 times the initial investment! However, before you start tearing up old flooring or going crazy with the sander, consider the rooms you’re working on. Some people prefer carpet in their bedroom because it provides a softer, warmer surface while helping to reduce noise in rooms below. If you are dead set on hardwood flooring throughout the home do not fear; a few strategically placed rugs in the bedroom can deal with both of these issues.

We’re sure that you’ll get a great return on your investment with the work you put in using these simple tips and notable additions! Even something like a deep clean and a fresh coat of paint will work wonders. For more tips and tricks be sure to follow Mosaik Homes’ blog series.