Spooky Halloween Party Ideas to Delight Kids and Adults Alike

If you’re celebrating the season of scares by throwing a party this season we’ve got some tips to help! Halloween party ideas that are fun yet easy to execute are the key to hosting your festivities this year. Read on for spooky ideas to delight your guests!

Pumpkin Decorating Partyhalloween party ideas

One of the most fun parts of Halloween is pumpkin carving! So why not turn it into a party? This Halloween party idea is sure to be fun for kids and adults alike. Set up a carving station with knives and stencils for the older children where they can carve out cool designs or free-hand their own drawing. For the little ones, keep it safe with paint, markers, and stick-on jewels.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt halloween party ideas

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? For a great Halloween party idea, set up a themed scavenger hunt that’s perfect for any age. Start with clues or use free printable versions. Depending on the age of your guests, you can choose easy hiding places or make it harder. And don’t forget the prizes! Kids can collect prizes like candy or Halloween toys. If it’s an adult-only party, you can have them use their phones to take pictures of the items and reward them with a gift card or a bottle of wine. 

Halloween Movie Marathonhalloween party ideas

Halloween is all about the thrills! Keep it spooky with a scary movie marathon. Invite your friends over to watch classics like Halloween or The Shining. You can also keep it PG for the kids with movies like Goosebumps or The Nightmare Before Christmas. Transform your basement into a movie theatre with a white sheet and projector screen and don’t forget to serve spooky snacks like popcorn with red food colouring and Halloween-themed punch

Black and White (and Orange) Partyhalloween party ideas

For this Halloween party idea, start with the invitations. Create black, orange, and white invitations announcing the theme and encouraging your guests to wear colour-themed costumes. Then decorate using only black, white, and orange. Think ghosts, spiders, and pumpkins! For adult parties, create black, orange, and white cocktails and snacks. For kids’ parties, add games like a pumpkin ring toss and pin the leg on the spider. Both adults and kids alike can enjoy a Monster Mash dance party with your favourite music!

Spooky Supper Halloween Dinner Party

Image result for halloween dinner party

Hosting a spooky supper is a great Halloween party idea that anyone will love. You don’t have to deck out your whole house to look like the ultimate party planner. Just concentrate on your dining room. Start with Halloween themed centrepieces like DIY melted candles in old wine bottles, painted pumpkins, or stack some old books and place a skull head atop. Then plan your Halloween menu with foods like baked pumpkin fondue, severed finger pigs in a blanket, and Mac-o’-Lantern Cheese Bowls. As your guests walk in serve them Halloween drinks (punch or juice is an excellent option for kids) and get them started for a night they won’t forget!

With these spooky Halloween party ideas, you’re sure to be the talk of the town! Kids and adults alike will love having a reason to dress up and take part in fun Halloween games while eating delicious Halloween treats. For more tips and tricks on hosting parties, take a look at the Mosaik Homes blog.