Stylish Summer Lounging in Your Backyard

Stylish Summer Backyard

The sun is shining, the days and nights are getting hotter, and the excitement for backyard relaxation is in full swing. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current outdoor lounging space or you want to start from scratch, we have some tips to make your summer relaxation dreams come true!  Follow along for our ideas on how to turn your yard into a tranquil summer retreat.


Stylish Summer Backyard

As you begin to plan your outdoor getaway, it’s important to focus on a motif for your space. Are you looking for more of a modern aesthetic? Maybe you’re leaning more towards a topical, kitschy, or antique look? If you already own some pieces that you would like to incorporate, be sure to consider how they will affect your choices as well. Stripes are always a great option for outdoor lounges as they encourage a perky and energetic look. If bold colours aren’t your preference, opt for pastel-striped pillows that are the perfect subtle dose of pattern and colour. The use of pastels and neutral tones help to create a natural cooling effect against the greenery that surrounds the space.


Stylish Summer Backyard

The biggest elements to consider when searching for outdoor furniture are maintenance and space. As far as maintenance goes, opt for pieces that are lightweight and have good protection. It can be a big hassle to have to run out and move pieces when it starts to rain or to shift heavy furniture to accommodate for patio parties. Low-key, modern furniture options are widely available in many retail stores, providing you with clean-lined and inexpensive products that do not have that cheap/ ‘skimped on’ look. To save on space, look for multipurpose pieces that can store away outdoor equipment or provide decorative options so as not to minimize your surfaces. A good example of this would be a side table or regular dining table that doubles as a flower pot, giving you a space for drinks/ food as well as a wonderful accent piece for your lounge.


Stylish Summer Backyard

Furniture arrangement is key to a successful lounging area. Directing the ‘flow of traffic’ to and from the house is an important step that will ease congestion and ensure you can stay seated when you get into full relaxation mode. Think how guests will enter and travel your backyard lounge; create clear and unobstructed paths to these entrances and exits. Be sure to arrange your patio furniture so that it directs people around the primary seating area and not through it so guests don’t have to interrupt conversations to get back to their seats.

Know you Space

Stylish Summer Backyard

Is your lounging area going to be exposed to direct sunlight most of the day? Consider investing in a pergola with a roof to shield you and protect your furniture from fading. Umbrellas are a great option for areas that only get a little bit of sunlight; this way you can take advantage of the sun but also have an option if it gets too hot. Another important thing to consider is the mosquito population. If you’re not a fan of bug spray or citronella candles, invest in a mosquito net so you can still enjoy lounging in the early evening/ throughout the night.

We hope you enjoyed Mosaik Home’s list for Stylish Summer Lounging! With these tips we’re sure your backyard will turn into the summer oasis you’ve always wanted. Now get out there and enjoy this weather!  

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