Top 5 Interior Design Ideas for a Kitchen and Living Room Combination

Interior Design Ideas  for Kitchen and Living Room Combination

When your kitchen is a separate room it’s a lot easier to focus on the functionality of the space. If you don’t have to collaborate with other rooms you can focus on the process of cooking, with design choices lending themselves to this purpose. However, when your kitchen is part of an open floor plan – which exposes itself to the living room – the design strategy definitely has to change. For those of you with a kitchen and living room combination, or those looking to create an open concept kitchen, we’ve made a list of the top interior design ideas for kitchen and living room combination that will help you work this space beautifully.

Small But Organized

Interior design ideas  for Kitchen and Living Room Combination

One of the best strategies for this space is it to avoid making the kitchen stand out. Instead, draw attention to the living room by making the kitchen as simple and inconspicuous as possible. This goes back focusing on the functionality of the space. In this case, your kitchen works within the overall aesthetic of the living room, making that space look even bigger. Think small but organized.


Interior Design Ideas  for Kitchen and Living Room Combination

When your kitchen has to be functional, placement within the combined room is essential. Position the kitchen somewhere clever that can make the most out of the space. Perhaps you can fit under a staircase or make use of a slanted ceiling that would otherwise go untouched. It is also important to note that although windows enhance the overall bright and airy look of a room, having too many in your kitchen area, make it impossible for the kitchen to include much needed wall-mounted cabinetry. Leave the majority of the natural light for your living room and have one or two windows maximum for your kitchen.  

Same Colours

Interior Design Ideas  for Kitchen and Living Room Combination

Unlike kitchen and living room combinations of the past, new designs seek to make sure the kitchen serves as a separate, individual space while also being part of a harmonious whole. This means using the same colours in the kitchen as in the living room to allow it to blend in. Ideally try to make sure there is the same type of flooring throughout this combined space. Unless you are striving towards a retro look, there are no obvious barriers between the two spaces. In fact, the kitchen island is usually the only element that separates these two spaces.

Furniture PlacementInterior Design Ideas  for Kitchen and Living Room Combination

Although these spaces should be cohesive you’ll still want both the kitchen and living room to each have their own identities. This is the part where you can really take advantage of that planning you did in the room’s layout. As an example, if your room is long and narrow, create distinction by placing the seating area at one end and the kitchen at the other. A simple, yet highly effective, design option is to have a small dining area placed in between the kitchen and the seating area if you have enough space. This will act as a buffer zone and it makes sure the cooking area and the actual living space are indirectly connected. As a quick tip, when you’re positioning furniture, avoid having the sofa face the kitchen directly. This not only creates a distinction between the living room and the kitchen when walking into the space, but also allows your guests to forget the kitchen is even there when they sit down!


Interior Design Ideas  for Kitchen and Living Room Combination

With cohesion and harmony in mind, it’s time to focus on the décor of your kitchen and living room combination! Like furniture placement, accent pieces can be used to make the distinction between the areas. Area rugs and art pieces are a perfect way to create optically separated spaces within one room. As a note, although these pieces are meant to separate and create distinct areas ensure that the colors, textures and materials used are the same ones throughout the zone in order to maintain the room’s continuity.

We hope you enjoyed Mosaik Home’s interior design ideas for kitchen and living room combinations! With clever placement options, cohesive aesthetics, and visually distinct décor we know you’ll be able to create a modern living room-kitchen combination you love.