Top schools near The View at Vaughan

Education is a big part of your child’s development. This is where they learn new skills, meet friends, and learn new interests. Therefore, making sure you choose the right school for your children is a big task. In Vaughan, there are a number of highly rated schools to choose from; and many of those are within close range of The View Community!

Fossil Hill Public Schoolschools near the view

Fossil Hill Public School is well-known for its friendly and supportive staff who make the school experience something special. One of the main tenets here is the focus on empowering students to become engaged in the world; encouraging them to think of themselves as caring citizens of a greater whole. With this altruistic mission, students develop skills that will truly prove to positively impact others  

Glenn Gould Public Schoolschools near the view

Glenn Gould Public is another great choice for your child. Placing value in open dialogue and promoting constructive feedback, Glenn Gould encourages students to build their confidence and establish leadership skills. This school is also known for its extensive competitions in many different types of fields. These competitions range from robotics to hairdressing, or construction to 3D animation, and much more. Be sure to reach out to the tightly-knit community to see what’s available!

Pierre Berton Public Schoolschools near the view

Pierre Berton Public School is one that you may already have heard of before even moving to Vaughan. They are well known for encouraging students to explore their own interests, celebrate their identities, and develop the skills and knowledge necessary for their future. Of course, this also translates to numerous competitive events where students problem-solve, innovate, collaborate and further develop technical skills. This is an institution that is academically focused; pushing students to think strategically as well as creatively.   

Vaughan Collegeschools near the view

Vaughan College is a private institution where you can immediately tell that the staff is deeply committed to helping students succeed. The quality of education is incredibly high, demanding strong effort from the students who attend. However, the staff goes to great lengths to ensure that there is always an in-depth support system in place for the students. With high expectations and strong encouragement, this school produces great alumni.  

There are so many incredible choices for schooling near The View in Vaughan! These are the schools we found the most intriguing because of their concepts on learning, how they interact with students, and their commitment to new ways of teaching in our ever-changing world. Be sure to check out Mosaik Homes’ blog series for more information!